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Every crisis or struggle with suicide is not the same. Our therapists are trained in CAMS to make sure that clients are taken care of from first contact. CAMS is first and foremost a clinical philosophy of care, which is part of our standard training at THI. It is a therapeutic framework for suicide-specific assessment and treatment of a patient’s suicidal risk. It is a flexible approach that can be used across theoretical orientations and disciplines for a wide range of suicidal patients across treatment settings and different treatment modalities.


With the use of CAMS and DBT, counselor and client will work
together to solve problems. DBT is a mindfulness-based therapy that gives clients skills in regulating their emotions, tolerating stress, maintaining healthy relationships, and thinking from perspectives other than their own. THI is home to multiple counselors who are certified in DBT and CAMS. 

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Groups at THI are skill-based and purposeful, ensuring that
clients gain real skills they can use today and for years to come using CAMS and DBT. In addition to individual sessions, clients seeking DBT at our practice have access to group skills sessions and phone coaching. We currently have four group skills sessions running: two for adolescents and two for adults. THI is home to multiple counselors who are certified in DBT and CAMS. 

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