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Our Story

The idea for The Hope Institute came about in the fall of 2020. The pandemic was in full swing, facilities were at their breaking point as were the clinicians, and there were still waiting lists three to six months out for ongoing outpatient mental health services. At Perrysburg Counseling Services, we had always prided ourselves on meeting clients where they were and providing services when they were most in need, but we had reached a point that we could no longer do that without sacrificing the very clinicians that we, and our clients, were reliant upon. 

The question that had to be answered was, how do we provide treatment for crisis stabilization, without continuing to burden a system that is already overburdened? We can’t just send more people to the hospitals and clinicians don’t have room on their caseloads. What we can do is work a temporary plan to create stabilization for those most in need.

Individuals that are struggling with suicidal ideation can come in and be treated with the best evidence-based models to help to stabilize them, allowing them a way to be able to wait for the ongoing outpatient treatment that they need. The model for The Hope Institute is unique, as it is based in the Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, providing the most effective tools for the very issues that they are struggling with. It also provides them short-term outpatient care, including an individual counselor that they can meet with one to two times per week, as well as intensive outpatient options, proving up to four contact points per week for those most in need. 

At The Hope Institute, we are here to make sure that you are not alone in this struggle. Our goal is to help you secure an appointment within 24 business hours to provide the help that you need!

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The Hope Institute focuses on treating people with serious thoughts of suicide. Our goal is for each client to have an initial appointment with one of our expert therapists within 24 business hours of referral. Our team of highly trained clinicians has a proven track record of reducing suicidal ideation in six weeks or less in an outpatient setting using two evidence-based treatments, CAMS and DBT.


With support of national partners including CAMS-Care, the Hope Institute will revolutionize short-term outpatient care for those individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts or ideation.

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The Hope Institute is its own office, housed in same building as Perrysburg Counseling Services and sharing some of the same staff. All PCS staff members are trained in CAMS and many are also trained in DBT, providing a strong foundation for the support that The Hope Institute can provide. 

Call Today: 419.482.8382

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